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The QUBROSI of Nazareth

Welcome to: QUBROSI.COM

This site’s mission is to link our family members together. In addition to information on our family’s ancestry, history, and family stories, it will provide updated information on new family members, and how we can get in touch with each other around the world.


This site is UPDATED PERIODICALLY So please come back once in a while, and check new additions.


Picture of Nazareth

  • Congratulations to Hanan & Zeid:

    CONGRATULATIONS to Hanan Suheil Akram Qubrosi and Zeid Raphael Bakili on their wedding day! 

    Hanan and Zeid exchanged their vows on May 22nd 2008 in Amman, Jordan at the church of Our Lady the Nazarene at 5:00 P.M. Their wedding was followed by a wonderful reception at the Intercontinental Hotel. 

    The entire Qubrosi family wishes both of you the best, and may your lives together be blessed and filled with happiness and joy.

    Congratulations can be e-mailed to:  hanan.and.zeid@gmail.com

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    You can now set up an email address with Your name@Qubrosi.com or name@Kobrossi.com

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  • The first U.S. reunion of the Qubrosi family:

    The first United States QUBROSI family reunion was held on the 27th, 28th, and 29th of July 2002 in Los Angeles California. The event was charged with joy and emotion. The children and adults had a magnificent time playing and visiting. Some of us met for the first time, and were astounded at the remarkable resemblance between family members. Others had not seen each other since childhood (over 20 years) and now were married with kids. I had the pleasure of telling the family story (with all eyes and ears wide open, adults as well as children) and explained how we are related, using the family tree to illustrate. All Qubrosi families from the Greater Los Angeles area were present, as well as some of the San Jose Bay Area members.
    I would like to thank all those who attended, especially those who made the extra effort in preparing the delicious meals. I hope those who could not make it this time, will be able to join us next time.
    LOOK FOR PHOTOS, and a complete list of attendees SOON!!!!


How do you spell it?

Although the name is spelled one way in Arabic; KOBORSI, KOBORSSY, KOBROSSI, KOBROUSSI, KOBROUSSY, KOUBROUSKI, KOUBROUSSY, KUBORSSY, KUBURSSY, KUBURSSI, QOBORSI, QOBROSI, and QUBROSI are some of the various spellings used by members of our family.

How did it all start?

According to the book titled "The History of Nazareth" by Reverend As'ad Mansour Al Sha'aeri published by Al Hilal press in Cairo, Egypt during 1924" the family name Qubrosi was first created when Azzam Hanna Khouri, Michael's father, passed away and his wife, Michael's mother, married a Cypriote gentleman. From then on Michael was named Qubrosi (the arabic word for "The Cypriote"). View the pages, referencing the Qubrosi family, from "The History of Nazareth".

According to my grand father, our family name was first created when Michael Azzam Khouri (the father of the Qubrosi family) acquired the surname Qubrosi upon his return to Nazareth, from France by way of Cyprus, thus called the Cypriote which is Qubrosi in Arabic.

One thing that is certain about Michael, is that he traveled to France with Napoleon Bonaparte I, in 1762, and became an officer in the Mamelukes squadron (part of Napoleon's personal Imperial Gard) of the French army with the rank of Yozbashi (Captain) on the 26th of Messidor, during the eighth year of the Republic of France (July 17th, 1801).
He returned to his home town of Nazareth on May the 22nd of 1812.
Two sons were born to Michael, the first Hanna Kobrossi was born in Nazareth during 1781. The second Jiryes Kobrossi of wich all known QUBROSI's desended from.

The Khouri family of Nazareth, of which we descended, has a common Christian name in the region. The name Khouri, meaning Priest, is an Arabic word derived from the French word "Curé", which also means priest in French. According to some historians, the Khouri family's lineage can be tracked back to Frank warriors arriving at the holy lands during the Crusades. Which explains why Michael (the first Qubrosi) may have been at the Franciscan monastery in Nazareth, on the eve of the only night that Napoleon spent at the monastery during 1799, after defeating the Ottomans at the battle of Afula, which took place in the valley of Esdraelon next to Nazareth.

The Family TREE

A Family Tree that goes back to Jiryes Khouri, who passed away in 1755, was prepared by Khalil Iskandar Khalil Kobrossi between 1958 and 1961. This tree is currently being updated by his grandson Khalil Fouad Khalil Qubrosi, the publisher of this site.
You can also see pedigree charts and family tree information that I entered at WWW.MyFamily.com by searching under QUBROSI for the surname.


Picture of Fouad  Khalil Qubrosi

the heart of the Qubrosi family.

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