Dear family members,

I hope you are enjoying my gift to each and every one of you... this web page that has been a labor of love,
my love to those of you that I know well, and those of you I hope to have the privilege of knowing in the near future.

Through out my contacts with various members of the family, in my efforts to collect accurate information for our family tree,
I noticed that many members of our family have been unintentionally hurt by words or actions of other family members.
God knows I have been guilty of that as well (having upset other family members unintentionally).
So if you are one of those family members who are hurt, please find it in your heart to forgive your cousin,
your sister or brother, your aunt or uncle, your niece or nephew, your wife or husband, your parent or child,
and last but not least your inlaws.

The purpose of this endeavor ( is to link our family together, since we are scattered around the globe.
In the hope of strengthening our family relations, and making our grandfathers proud to have us carry their name,
let us make an effort to communicate with each other to keep the air clear and avoid family conflict.
Let us share in each otherís happiness and sorrow, help each other when in need, and stand by each
other in difficult times. Be proud that we come from a family with a long history of Christian heritage, and remember
Christís words... " In every thing, do to others as you would have them do to you" and "love one another".

I was inspired to write this little poem for all Qubrosis. I hope that when you do get mad at another Qubrosi
that you will remember this poem, come back and read it, and maybe it will bring a smile to your sad face,
lighten your heavy heart, and help you forgive that loony Qubrosi who got you boiling.


If you have Qubrosi genes,
anything is within your means.
If you have Qubrosi blood,
youíre guaranteed to be a stud.
If you carry the Qubrosi surname,
our grandfather Michael is to blame.
If you have a Qubrosi heart,
concealing your emotions may be hard.
So donít despair and get white hair,
Ďcause a family member is full of hot air.
Be forgiving and clear up the air,
youíll feel better if not extraordinaire.
So if you are a Qubrosi,
wear your name with pride,
and pass it on to your child.
And always remember,
what ties us together,
for worse or for better
our blood our genes our name

by Khalil Fuad
Feb, 9th 2002



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