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If you would like to have an email address using or please contact the web master at:

To help defer the cost of maintaining this Web Site, an email address will have an ANNUAL (not monthly) maintenance fee, as per the following table:

Email Address Options

Adult Qubrosis

Qubrosis Under 21

Mail Forward*

$12.00 per Year


Mail Box with 50 Mega Bites of space**

$36.00 per Year

$24 per Year

Mail Box with 50 Mega Bites & Virus Protection**

$48.00 Per Year

$36 per Year

* After choosing your or we will forward your e-mail to your existing e-mail account. If you do not have one, you can choose one of the other two options provided here, or set up a free mail box at a company that offers that (such as which provides you with 6 MB free space) and we'll forward your mail to it. Let us know if you need help doing that.

** These options come with the capability of setting your own web page on We will set up a URL pointing to your web page on the Qubrosi web site, and provide the storage for your web site with up to 5 Mega Bites. We will provide 2 free uploads, annually, for your web page files and $2 per upload after that. Or we can provide you with unlimited uploads with an FTP account for $15 per month.

Your POP email can be accessed through conventional email software, as well as an online web mail system for when you are away from your main PC and want to either send new email or receive email.

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